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Commentary On Jesus, The Jewish Messiah: Son Of David?

September 17, 2016

“The book of the generations of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.”  (Matthew 1:1).

Let’s be clear about something Jesus was a Jew. A full-bloodied, Torah following and observing Jew; He didn’t convert or change anything in what it was to be a Jew. He was born a Jew, lived a Jew, and died a Jew. He came to the Jewish people, He was of the tribe of Judah. He was the son of King David and of Abraham. He was the Jewish Messiah in all aspects of His birth, life, death, and resurrection. Jesus Christ was and always will be the Jewish Messiah and did not convert to anything.

Where to begin in this commentary on the Son of God and Son of Man in the person of Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah. It’s an important phrase to remember, Jesus was a Jew. It’s the Jewish aspect of Him that seems to get lost in the research or worse yet down played because it bothers people. And down through history it is a glaring and terrible historical fact that the Jewishness of Jesus was either been whitewashed down or worse yet completely removed. As if the Jewish Messiah was more an accident of birth than a plan put into thought and motion by God. History of the Church was Jewish in origin and Scripture. The Church was started by the Jews, preached by the Jews, and sent forth by the Jews. The history of the Church is of  Jew born in Galilee, raised in Galilee, and preached His message in Galilee. I know I keep repeating the mantra that Jesus was a Jew because it seems to me that the Church is beginning to realize finally the damage it has done to itself by the slow and destructive throwing away of it’s Jewishness. Finally, after two thousand years of denying or pretending the Church’s Jewish roots didn’t matter, it’s beginning to matter. Why? May 14, 1948 made it matter, the rebirth of Israel as a nation?

What was lost by the Church when it slowly and methodically tried and then accomplished the destruction of it’s Jewish roots and making Jesus just the Son of God and not the Jewish Messiah of prophecy. It’s understandable on only one level, Jewish salvation waned and slowly trickled to practically nothing for two thousand years. The Church of the Jewish Rabbi from Galilee simply convinced itself that Jesus was Jewish only in birth but beyond that He taught and did nothing that was Jewish? The Gentile Christian slowly lost or worse yet threw something out in it’s headlong pursuit of what it was going to be as a Church. The Church Father’s of the early growing and struggling Church defended the truth of the Gospel and Scriptures but they seemed to have allowed themselves to become convinced that if there were less Jewishness in Scripture the better. The question of course is why did Jesus  and His chosen people become estranged and finally  and completely strangers to each other? Why did the blood-lust of hate and revenge become so part of Christian or so-called Christians? We can’t reject the basic reason, human nature is corrupt and the Devil likes it that way. Let’s be a little fair to those who came before us in this century, they were the children of their time and the students of those who taught them. The Jews and the Jewishness of Jesus the Messiah was not God’s plan and it never should have been the Church’s doctrine in dealing with the Jews. So, what happened? Did the Jews really reject their Messiah and this was God’s punishment? Did Jesus, born of Jewish parents, simply stop being a Jew? Let’s be blunt, the Church has failed the Jews. Jesus came to save that which was lost and He told them all He came to save His people. Can we blame the Apostle Paul for changing the message of the Messiah as so many of today’s higher and liberalized critics of the Bible and of Paul have written.

First of all, I have read enough of the so-called higher learning and liberalized Christian material to realize and understand that they simply wish that Jesus was never born let alone that the Bible didn’t exist. They simply do like the fact the Bible says anything about anything on anything that they don’t like or agree with. Case in point, I’ve read John Shelby Spong’s books, mostly his “How to Rescue The Bible From Fundamentalism.” Mostly what I get from his books and they all sound pretty much alike is that Spong wishes the Bible to only agree with him and if it doesn’t there’s a problem with the Bible, not the enlightened liberal Spong who apparently knows more or better than God Himself. In fact I always get the impression by reading his works that if their is a God He’s somewhere else doing something else and has no issue with whatever we are doing and actually doesn’t really care as much as we like to think He does; basically, God really should just go away and stop bothering humanity is what I get from Spong’s long-winded, badly researched or simply stating something as fact hoping no one does a fact-check on him because believe me a lot of what he writes is him hoping no one does one. He’s entitled to his writing and what he writes, but if anyone thinks he is writing to enlightened or teach someone anything about Christianity is going to be sadly mistaken. As he says in his own book, “Christianity is the last place I would send anyone for help.” To him, Jesus wasn’t anyone special, didn’t perform miracles, apparently had no idea what He was getting Himself into, and certainly wasn’t God in flesh, didn’t raise from the  dead, and certainly never said anything recorded in the Gospels; and yet, Spong claims to be a Christian but at the same time would not recommend anyone to Christianity as a way of life. He is the ultimate in the enlightened liberal Christian who believes in nothing unless it agrees with him on all points. Where as the early Church removed the complete and perfect Jewishness from Jesus the Messiah, it’s gotten to the point where liberal branches of it want to simply remove not only Jesus from the Bible, they want the Bible gone! That’s my point Of this paragraph. Spong is where the Church is heading toward with it’s own founder and His founding message with the absolute destruction and abolishment of it’s very core beliefs and foundation. The early church lost something when it began to rationalize and excuse the attacks and abuse it inflicted on the Jews. Book’s like “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. By. Reza Aslan is of the same thought and writing. This Jesus was a country boy completely clueless what He was doing let alone saying. The ‘Jesus’ of these authors couldn’t save themselves let alone anyone else. And their version of Jesus is one they can live with because He is their creation and version that doesn’t offend or make them uncomfortable. The Jewish Rabbi of Galilee doesn’t exist in their world-view that is written about by the Gospel writers who walked with the Jesus of Nazareth; by the way, Spong states that Nazareth didn’t exist until modern times which apparently tells me that Spong didn’t bother looking at a Roman map of the region. Jesus of these two authors, mostly the second, seems to paint Jesus as an ignorant country-boy who probably couldn’t spell His own name. The book is an insult to a Jewish tradition of learning that goes back even before the birth of Christ. I’ve read the books of Bart Ehrman, (“The Lost Christianities, “The Lost Scriptures”), and Robert Eiseman, (“James, The Brother of Jesus”). All Gnostic in viewing and writing of the Jewish Rabbi from Galilee who looks more and more less like the Son of God in human flesh and more like some poor country-boy who got in over His head or worse yet was never anything like He was written about in the Gospels. Gnosticism is alive and well and winning the day the rate Biblical Christians are playing church and not defending the Jewish Messiah of those Scriptures. I recommend people read them and understand what is happening to the Church and why it’s in the mess it is in.

The Jews didn’t reject their Messiah, the Jewish leaders did. Read the book of Acts and tell me who started the Church and who sent out missionaries to convert the world, it was the Jews of Israel. Their message was of a Jewish Messiah and of Jewish prophecies about a God who chose the Jewish people as His instruments of salvation. I know I am redundant on this point but I think too many simply read that Jesus was Jewish and try to base over it as some minor detail of accident of birth. Who Jesus was and who He was sent to is important to the over-all life of the Church and the life of the Christian and certainly to God who chose them through Abraham. The Church failed because it is lived by very failure prone and very sin-prone humanity. It failed because it seemed to be listening to a Devilish voice instead of the voice of the One and Only God of the people of the Torah. Though to be fair, I do believe that even during the long two-thousand years there were those in the Church who understood and sought Jewish salvation; I refuse to believe the whole Church had been infected with this anti-Jewish message from the pit of hell. Because that is where it began and where it still exists today. The Church is slowly realizing what it has lost and what damage it has done to itself and to it’s message from it’s Jewish Messiah. The Apostle Paul preached Jewish salvation; he himself would have gladly given up his own salvation for the redemption of Israel. I think their has always been a small remnant of those who understood the need for Jewish salvation; those who read the Scriptures and saw and read the message of Jesus who said He came to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. The Church is returning to it’s Jewishness, it’s returning to a better and clearer understanding of who Jesus was and is and will rule for a thousand years in Israel.

My own personal reasons for all this is that I am Jew, I am also a Christian, I have read the history of the Church. It should have done better. It certainly should have been taught better by the Church Fathers. But I also understand the fault lies more in the battle of human nature than in the Scriptures they tried to defend and preach. The Jewish leadership rejected the Messiah, the Church did no better after a while turning Him into more a Gentile God than a Jewish Messiah who happened to be God in flesh. Such is the nature of human nature when ruled by human frailty and human reason in a sinful body of flesh. The Church of Jesus Christ the Messiah is Jewish at it’s core foundation and message. This Jew will always be a Jew as surely as I will always believe in the Messiah of Israel and God’s promises of redemption through the Messiah. I also believe in the Torah, the promises of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, and in the Prophet’s of God and their timeless message. If the Church wants to reach the Jew, introduce them to the One and only God-Man who was a Jew and lived and obeyed the Torah and believed in the Prophet’s He sent to proclaim His coming and redemption. Jesus was and is Jewish, it has to begin there with that message.


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