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Commentary On Creation Science: Personal Reasons?

September 27, 2016

“In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.”  Genesis 1:1

A Personal Testimony.

God alone created, set into motion, designed the universe; nothing happened by random chance. The very first verse of the Scriptures makes it clear who God is and who set forth the universe and all that is. It’s a simple statement and it’s a statement of Biblical faith in the God of all creation. The great debate is whether God actually meant what He said in Scripture or that all that we see as the universe came about by natural processes called evolution. Because either God created and set into motion everything or sometime in the ancient past something happened to set into motion everything. It’s a choice between to world views, two philosophies of human life’s origin.

It was a movie that started it all really. It really was. The movie was an old badly-done of it’s time and place called, “Monster on the Campus.” It’s was the fish that caught my young attention, it was the Coelacanth! I feel in love with the idea and the fish itself that it was still alive and well and swimming off the coast of South Africa upon it’s discovery in 1938; even have a plastic model of one on my desk. There was something about the idea that this fish was alive and well and swimming during the age of the dinosaurs and earlier to my young mind that fascinated me. But it also got me thinking that if this was something that should have been extinct for 390 million years why wasn’t it? Why or how could the evolutionist be so wrong on this. And why? If the Coelacanth is still around, what else was still around and why? Could the years be that wrong? Could it be that in actual fact all those millions and millions of years really didn’t occur? That was the beginning of my thinking and wondering what else did or does evolution tell or teach that is simply wrong?

It was a simple beginning toward an understanding that their really are only two world views of the origin of everything. God either spoke and things came into being or something somewhere from nothing exploded and created everything after an incredible long period of time; 14 billion years of time by the evolutionist thinking. But even that seems a short amount of time to create a universe doesn’t it? The Ceolacanth started me thinking that their was something wrong or at least something was very off if the evolutionist’s condemned the Ceolacanth to 390 million years of extinction only to discover it very much alive and pretty much unchanged all that time then their must be something wrong with their theory of natural processes. Evolution is either how it all works or it’s not. There is no middle ground; even Huxley, Darwin’s Bulldog, thought it absurd to believe that God used evolution. The earliest book I remember as a kid reading was a history book on the subject of evolutionary theory of the warm-blooded Dinosaur even before Robert Bakker wrote his own book, “Dinosaur Heresies.” (I even read his ‘Raptor Red’ novel and thought it was good). But the first book I read was Adrian Desmond’s, “Warm-blooded Dinosaurs.” A very good book on at least the history of paleontology and it’s progress toward today. I was in the camp for the hot-blooded beasts anyway; it made sense they would be different than their normal lizard brother’s. But it wouldn’t be till much later in my later teens that the idea of simply studying both sides of the debate would go into full force and research; and research I did.

It actually didn’t begin with Ken Ham as much as he would later become such an impact on my thinking and defense of Scripture and certainly of Genesis. It actually began with Dr. Henry Morris and his shorter books I discovered; and then other’s from the Institute of Creation Research. I discovered those books first, then discovered Ken Ham’s books. Mean while I had discovered the evolutionist in the Natural History Magazine, Stephen Jay Gould and his articles I read every month. I simply read both sides of the debate as any real and honest research and seeker of the truth of things should. I read Darwin’s books, I mostly liked his “Voyage of the Beagle” because I liked the first-hand accounts of his daily thoughts and travels. I enjoyed the book, I don’t agree with his theory, but he wrote well and he wrote as a eyewitness. Irving Stone’s historical novel on his life is worth reading just for the enjoyment of the subject. I tried to be fair to both sides, to read both sides, to understand the research both sides. That is what a Christian should do anyway on any subject. Read. Read. Read. Find out what thee other side is thinking and why. I read what I could find and and kept finding. I simply didn’t decide one day to become a Biblical-creationist for the fun of it. Ken Ham and his books are a very large reason I am the creationist I am, he defends Scripture and that seems to me a very good reason to listen to what he has to say. I enjoyed his debate with Bill Nye; thought it was worth the time.

I became a creationist because evolution simply had too many questions and holes in it for me to take seriously as a theory. And it is still a theory because no one has ever seen evolution in action. And then there is the human fossil record problems which are legion; the Pilt-Down Man for one. The Nebraska Man was created from an entire tooth of an extinct pig and then they discovered the pig wasn’t extinct. The evolutionary tree of humanity is wishful thinking and hopeful thinking and simply believing in something because the alternative is that God did it. The fragments of bone and bits-pieces that are found and that are then declared an ancestor after while got me to wondering what it is that these men of science so badly want an ape-man ancestor if evolution is so true and accurate that they would allow such a hoax as the Pilt-Down Man too last as long as he did as an ancestor. Why? The simple answer as I saw it was that they really had no intention of not making every bits-pieces and fragment an ancestor because they simply wanted it to be so. The facts where and are unimportant when you want something to be what you want it to be. The Pilt-Down Man was a hoax, it was declared a hoax, but because they wanted an ancestor they created one and it took a long time for them to admit they knew all along that it was a hoax. Human evolution is wishful thinking by those who think and believe we evolved from some unknown ancestor in the deepest remote past of millions of years. Evolution requires a faith of something that will never be found; Creation declares a God who states who and what and where He is and who placed man-woman upon the earth.

The simplier reason I believe in God and Creation? Because evolution requires a faith in a natural process that cannot be observed or even proven. I can observe creation and make the observation that it took thinking and imagination to create what we see and do not see. To me the hand of a Creator is self-evident by creation and all that makes the universe so unique and wonderful to fathom. The Hand of a Creator is self-evident also because God doesn’t play hide and seek with His creation. He didn’t set forth the universe and then disappear and tell the universe, “Well, you’re on your own now. Good luck.” If you could personify evolution that is what it would say, not God. If God used evolution to bring forth everything He is then not the God He claims to be in my Scriptural reading-Compassion, Mercy, Justice, Forgiveness, Grace, etc-He is something far worse than any god of the Greeks or Romans imaginations. He would be indeed the god of the philosophy of, “Well, I created, my job is done, you’re on your on, so good luck with that whole life and death thing.” That is not a God I serve, love, and worship. The God of the Bible is not the god of evolution and it’s endless living and dying for billions of years where death existed before Adam/Eve even sinned which I thought was the reason Christ came into the World in the first place; death before Adam? But if there is death before Adam then Christ died for no good or valid reason. And if Christ died for no good or valid reason we are all doomed to either an eternal nothingness or hell; hell? If no hell, there is no heaven? So, it’s a simple choice of two life philosophies, either God or Natural Processes brought the universe into being; not both.

I believe that both sides of the debate should be studied, which is why the below list of books is mentioned and so long. I believe every Christian should read Darwin’s books, should study how and why the evolutionist believes as they do. You cannot defend your beliefs if you don’t understand why they believe as you do. In fact, you need to be better informed than the one your debating in the long run. I am strong advocate of education and learning and research and thinking! Mostly thinking as that seems to be a lacking component in the Christian apologists arsenal. Is that too blunt a statement, probably, but it’s all too true. The accusation that Biblical Christians have become anti-intellectual is very true because of simple laziness or worse yet compromise or even worse faithlessness? I would like to say no on all accounts but I can’t. I have observed the Church as a whole and it’s losing the cultural battle not only in the arena of ideas and thought in the public eye, it’s losing it in the Church as a whole. Is this a harsh statement? An unfair statement? Maybe it is, but I believe in Scripture and I believe it to be the Word of a God who plainly wrote out how He and He alone created. There is no room for evolution in the Biblical narrative because God does not need evolution in the first place. The Church needs to change the culture via defense of the Bible and not side with those who would gladly toss it out of the whole culture in the first place. The foundation of the Church is Jesus Christ and the foundation stones that Christ used to establish His Church was the Word of God; not the word of man. Every Christian should be an apologist for  Scripture, they should be able to stand and defend what they believe. I’m a six-day Creationist because Scripture says God created in six-days, He Himself declared He created in six days, and yet we listen to men of s0-called science who were not there tell us how the universe came into being. I believe every Christian should read Darwin, read Huxley, read Dawkins, read Gould, and find out what these minds are teaching our kids, teaching us! If I sound harsh, I make no apologies as I believe the truth of Scripture must and should be defended by those who claim to live by it. It’s a matter of choice in the end of the debate, either God is the Creator or we are all here by natural processes.


Bible. (KJV).

The Lie. By. Ken Ham.

One Blood. By. Ken Ham.

Genesis: Decay Of The Nations. Ken Ham.

What is Creation Science. By. Henry Morris.

Scientific Creationism. By. Henry Morris.

The Genesis Record. BY. Henry Morris.

Men Of Science, Men Of God. By. Henry Morris.

Science And The Bible. By. Henry Morris.

The Young Earth. By. Henry Morris.

Dinosaur Heresies. By. Robert Bakker.

Raptor Red. By. Robert Bakker. (Novel).

The Origin. By. Irving Stone. (Biographical novel of Darwin; thought it very good).

Asa Grey: Biography. By. A. Hunter Dupress.

The Living Fossil: The Story Of The Coelacanth. By. Keith S. Thomson.

Fish Out Of Time. By. Samantha Weinberg.

The Origin Of The Species. By. Charles Darwin.

The Voyage Of The Beagle. By. Charles Darwin.

Darwin: A Life. By. Adrian Desmond.

Huxley: A Life. By. Adrian Desmond.

The Hot-blooded Dinosaurs. By. Adrian Desmond. (History/Paleontology).

The Gilded Dinosaur. By. Mark Jaffe. (History/Paleontology).

Collapse Of Evolution. By. scott Huse.

Darwin On Trial. Philip E. Johnson.

The Creationists: The Evolution Of Creation Science. Ronald L. Numbers.

Complete Works Of Stephen J. Gould. (Despite his evolutionary leanings, worth reading).

The Pilt-Down Man. By. Ronald Millar.

Faraday, Maxwell, And Kelvin. By. D. K. C. MacDonald.

The Electric Life Of Micheal Faraday. By. Alan Hirchfeld.

The Monk In The Garden: Life Of Gregor Mendel. By. Robin  M. Henig.


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