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Commentary On The Political Christian: The Gospel Or Social Justice?

November 27, 2018

cropped-12301412301.jpg“Don’t preach to me about your belief in the sovereignty of God and then preach to me your  political views are just as important to God.”

The social justice dogma penetrating the Church of Christ is strangling the point of the Church and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to all social justice problems not just one of many solutions. The solution to the world’s ill is either via human effort through government and social activism or it’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other answer to the issue of what is wrong with society as a whole. It comes down to either it one or the other not both. You as a Christian cannot have both no matter how hard you try. One will eventually devour and swallow the one and take over all together. You cannot promote one and still think the other will help as well. It is either going to be fixed via human effort or the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is neither a political ideology or a justification to have a political stance. Once the Church of Christ’s Great commission became a political commission it became a secondary notion in the Church of Christ. The Church became political the moment it thought a Roman Emperor had favored them above the pagans around them. They simply committed the same sin that the Jews did when they demanded from the Prophet Samuel to give them a king to rule over them. As recorded in I Samuel 8:6-8, “But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge over us. And Samuel prayed unto the Lord. And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee; for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them, According to all the works which they have done since the day I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other gods, so they also unto thee.” The Church of Christ became the Church of the Roman Empire and it’s rulers. It seemed to replace the Great Commission with a worldly ideology that politics was now part of that Great Commission of Christ to the early Church of the Apostles and those that followed. The Jews of the Prophet Samuel wanted to be ruled by a worldly king as they sought that would be easier and less demanded on their lives. They rejected God’s perfect rule with a worldly one. The Church of Christ simply saw politics as the better great commission than the one given to them by their founder.

Politics corrupts everything it touches and come not to help but to control and change one way or the other to it’s will. Politics doesn’t share power or influence with any other ideology let alone with a theology that places God above government. The Church of Christ sacrificed it’s first love for the Halls of Roman power and influence that October in 312 A. D when a Roman and still pagan Roman General defeated his rival for power at Milvain Bridge that October 28th 312 outside of Rome itself against Maxentius his rival for power. It was all about power. It was all about ruling the greatest empire known; the Church Father’s should have known better than to simply hail this ‘converted’ Roman Emperor as a Christian just because he said the right words. They should have found their own Prophet Samuel and ask of the Lord what exactly what was true. But instead they choice to ignore the obvious and simply embrace the so-called vision in the sky spoken of by this Roman soldier who still and would still worship the sun! The Emperor Constantine was not a Christian, didn’t convert from anything but from being a Caesar to the Roman Emperor of the Roman Empire he coveted desire to rule. The tragedy was that the Church Fathers simply allowed their wishful thinking that this would end the persecution and maybe even help the church grow. It was politics that governed their motives because they believed they had converted an emperor and choice to ignore his life after the fact let alone rationalize their own conduct. The Church of Jesus Christ became the Church of Rome and the apostasy began in greater influence and destruction of the foundation of the Scriptures as the true and only source of change in the human condition and heart. The modern political Christian is no different; in fact the modern verse might be worse.

Until the present day political Christians stop with his favorite slogan, “God is on our side,” non-sense the Church of Christ will eventually compromise every single doctrine and stance it’s had for about two thousand years of church history. Politics is about compromise and going in whatever the wind direction is for that moment will get someone the vote. God nor Christ nor the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an arm of any political party; King of Kings don’t have political parties as they are their own party and they rule with absolute sovereignty. Yet somewhere along the last two thousand year long road of history Jesus Christ the King and Lord became Jesus the Right or Left political advocate of one party over the other. Politics and the Church of Christ have no common ground except in their opposite goals for humanity. Today’s modern Milvain Bridge moment is now called Social Justice. The Church of Christ has decided that again the Great Commission needs more than Christ to work let alone change the human condition and society. The Gospel of Social Justice of the political Christian seems to me a lot of social justice but very little Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is social justice to the Christian anyway? When did the Gospel of Jesus Christ not become enough to solve and change the human condition? It’s not that one can truly escape the realm and influence of politics in this age of politisizing everything under the sun but a Christian should know better than to place so much hope in the political process. The trouble with our modern society is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been either replaced by politics or forced to co-exist with it by the Church. The problem arises when the Church thinks it can convert the worldly idea of government into the Kingdom of God ruled government. The issue is that for some reason too much of the church has become involved in the social justice movement as if God  Himself has ordained it as part or even a replacement for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am serious when I state that. I maintain the modern Christian has and is making the same mistake those early Christians did upon hearing of the conversion of Emperor Constantine. They think they have converted the worldly idea of politics to their way of thinking. They were wrong on all accounts and so is the modern version of the Church. What makes a Christian think they can convert the very system at war with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Word? Politics and it’s off-shoots has no intention of sharing power with anything not completely sold out to the worldly thoughts and desires of humanity and that is political power. Did the early church really believe they had converted an Roman emperor? Or was it a lot of wishful thinking hoping that it would end the persecution started by the Emperor Diocletian? It was true that Constantine ended the persecution but that was because of political motives not conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why do Christians get involved in politics? What is the reason or lure of the halls of the political life? One would think they would remember without being reminded by history that the Gospel of Jesus Christ had and has nothing to do with politics as an answer to the ills of society. The simple answer id that politics feeds the human need and ego to be important to society and not useful for a better society where the Gospel of Jesus Christ humbles humanity to be useful and not think too hightly of one’s activities on the earth. There is the problem of balance of course in the act and art of civil service and duty to one’s country. Where does this balance exist in the first place? Should it exist at all? Should a Christian have any part in the political process let alone halls of government? The followers of Christ have indeed an obligation to be involved in society not avoid it. The idea that a Christian can avoid the political struggles of their nation or state or local government is non-sense. It’s the balancing act of the modern world for a Christian to be involved in civil discourse and duty for their society and not be corrupted by the lure of political prestige and power that come with it. Because politics corrupts everything it touches.  The history of the church once it became part of the Roman Empire should be a warning to the modern church. The Roman Emperor Constantine was not a Christian and never converted to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church sought peace via compromise with an pagan government and corrupted itself in the process.


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